Модульное Решение на Платформе 9025TR – 25

25 Модульное Решение 9025TR

9025TR имеет в два раза больше возможности подкл/отключ as the G12 and is outfitted with the same 20 inch platform to support your enclosure while engaging and disengaging. The front-mount ITA is user-friendly, allowing the enclosure or fixture to be fastened from the mating side. The docking feature of the 9025TR provides an easy way of guiding a fixture into position prior to engagement. Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action, ideal when using fixtures up to 180 pounds. VPC modules can be intermixed to establish flexible custom interfaces which are ideal for functional and system testing applications. The 9025TR uses all standard modules and contacts, includes a microswitch and is available with optional table legs and keyboard tray kit.





High I/O Platform Solution


  • Updated Receiver demonstrates VPC’s dedication to continuous improvement with enhanced mechanical advantage including 30% reduced handle force and lighter weight
  • The docking feature provides an easy way to guide a fixture into position prior to engagement
  • Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action
  • Captive mounting hardware included

Universal Standard ITA

Enclosure_FrtMount (1)

  • Buy our ITAs with our standard enclosures, or attach them to your custom enclosure
  • ITA accepts both front- and rear-mount enclosures (front-mount shown)
  • Let us customize an enclosure to fit your testing needs

Key Features


  • 20″ platform supports ITA when not in use (up to 180 lbs.)
  • Redesigned handle offers an offset link to accommodate larger ITA enclosures; the handle can be installed on either the right or left side of the receiver
  • Accommodates over 4800 signal contacts
  • Accessories available: slide kit, support legs, retractable keyboard and instrument bracket with strain relief

QuadraTrack™ Engagement

9025QuadraTrack_Screening (1)

  • Engaging Mechanism in the form of a pair of slotted steel slides located in the Receiver
  • Distributes uniform pressure to four points on the ITA during engagement and disengagement
  • Precise signal integrity between the Receiver and ITA is maintained by QuadraTrack™ engagement system