Вакуумный стенд для тестирования

Вакуумный стенд для тестирования был спроектирован как с индивидуальным стендовым комплектом иак и со сменным комплектом. The intermediate interfaces of the Interchangeable Kits are equipped with Test Probes. Interfaces are available for all common Test Systems. Depending on the size of the UUT, you can choose from a wide range of suitable vacuum-cassette sizes.

Dual – stage Fixtures with a motor – driven shuttle plate are available for combined In – Circuit and Functional Test. Further cassette sizes can also be supplied. A large range of Pressure Frame Units and standardized Vacuum Covers allow simple customizing using standard components. Apart from customized Vacuum Fixtures, also supplies individual Fixture Kits for your own customizing work. Furthermore, customizing items such as Pushrods, Tooling Pins, Spacers, Vacuum Couplings etc. are also supplied.